Visual Narrative: Project2: kinetic type Process: Week 4

This week I was finalizing some details of my video. I thought that the orange color type was a good choice at the beginning but I felt that it wasn’t a good choice when I was finalizing. Although I was inspired by the colors of the scene and the candle lights.

I changed the colors based on house Frey’s shield. I gave Lord Frey the blue color, I gave the family a grey color and gave Arya a slightly different color of blue and a different typeface.

After I changed the colors of the type and added some illustrations and effects to the video it looked more interesting.



Visual Narrative: Project2: kinetic type Process: Week 3

I watched a lot of tutorials on how to animate type in after effects, and still find it hard to make things move or appear nicely. I didn’t like what I was doing so far but decided to continue syncing the words to the sound, and then going back and change the things I didn’t like. I don’t know if I don’t like the colors or the typeface that I’m using, but I think it matches the visuals of the scene I chose since its a dark scene. maybe changing the background to another dark color or adding an effect to the background at some points will be more interesting than the solid black that I have right now.

since I only know how to do very basic things on after effects, I watched tutorials on things I wanted to make when I started making the animations. I do not think that the storyboard helped me much in visualizing what I want the video to look like because at the beginning I didn’t know what I wanted to do or didn’t know what I can or can’t do. but making one helped me in some parts and in composing the type, it helped me in breaking down the sentences and deciding how they would look like on the screen. for the animation, I decided on what to use when I started and was experimenting with the different effects that are already in after effects and watched some tutorials for other techniques.


Visual Narrative: Project2: kinetic type Process: Week 2

I chose the audio from game of thrones because I liked the rhythm or the way lord Frey was talking. I found out that an easier way to work in after effects is to create separate illustrator files for each sentence and put each word in a separate layer for easy animation. It’s easier to design and organize the type and make little illustrations in illustrator and this is a very useful way to do it and animate it. I was not able to visualize how I would want the animation to be so I figured I should start making it and figuring out how to do things while making. But later on, I figured that I could do much more with the type if I did it in after effects so I changed my mind about working in illustrator for the type.

Visual Narrative: Project2: kinetic type Process: Week 1

Finding a monologue or dialogue: 

Choosing monologue wasn’t easy since I was undecided on what I want to choose. I wanted to use something from game of thrones because there is a lot of good monologues/ dialogues in the series. but I think that it’s not appropriate to include in my portfolio. Since I’m not really sure about that I chose two other monologues that I may use.

My current choices:

Stranger Things 2 | Eleven pulls train | “The Lost Sister”

Fair Game |Sean Penn Speech

Game of Thrones | aria stark, winter came for house frey



Visual Narrative: Project1: Process Week 3: final

week 3:

I made some slight changes to the type since I was not happy with my choice of typefaces. The typeface (Bodrum) that I chose to be the main one looked better with the title only; since it was big but for smaller type, it was not really legible and it didn’t look good in my opinion. So I changed it to a similar one (bufalino) because I liked that the Bodrum had a high cap-height. I guess that the cap-height was too high and the letters were too narrow for it to be comfortable to read when it’s in a smaller size, that’s what I really didn’t like about it. The other one (bufalino) was more comfortable to read when it’s in smaller point size. so at the end, I kept Bodrum for the title and everything else was in bufalino.

final posters:

I didn’t really change much in my designs except for some small details that in the dude’s illustration, which is not really noticeable. and made the red color even brighter to add a nice pop of color, I felt that all the colors I chose were muted and wanted to add a little pop of color to grab the attention of the viewers. I guess the only major change was the type.


Although I liked that I went for an illustrative approach I feel that I could have created more depth somehow for my posters which will make them more interesting.

At the beginning of this project, it was hard to decide what elements of the movie I should include in the posters and whether they fit more to be poetic, pragmatic or persuasive. I found out that pulling out as many elements and motifs of the movie at first helped me narrow down what was important to include. Also choosing and focusing on one narrative (the dude’s narrative) also helped tell a story clearly and since the whole movie was about the dude I think that I was able to capture a good amount of it without spoiling the whole thing.

Visual Narrative: Project1: Process Week 2

Week 2:

After my initial research about the movie, I felt that my plan of using images might not work how I wanted it to be, so I chose to use an illustrative approach with my posters.


When I first started making the posters, I was indecisive with which typeface I should use. At the end I limited my choices to the three below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 7.45.24 PM
typeface 1 (Fridays)
Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 7.45.46 PM
typeface 2 (bodrum)
Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 7.46.46 PM
typeface 3

I ended up using mostly the first two typefaces since I found that the first one worked better with the theme of the movie and the second one worked better with my illustrations visually. The third typeface I wasn’t going to use at all but I liked how minimal it was and thought it worked nicely for the actors’ names. I might change my mind about it because I also think that I’m using too many typefaces.

Color Palette:

The initial color palette I directly pulled from a scene in the movie was dull, and I did not think it will work as nicely. So I chose certain colors that I thought represented the movie in general and made them slightly brighter, to match better with the graphic style I chose to use for the posters.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 8.00.24 PM
“slightly” brighter color palette
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.05.31 PM
original color palette



Since the movie is highly revolved around how bowling was a major part of the dude’s (and his friends) life, it was necessary to have a bowling ball, bowling pins. But what was difficult for me was choosing from some of the other motifs. I found myself choosing motifs that were related to the dude exclusively. Since he was the main character it makes sense to include things like the white Russian he drinks so often in the movie. The rug also has a very important role since the movie unrolled when the gang members soiled the dude’s rug which tied the room together.

Visual Narrative: Project1: Process Week1

Process week 1:

For the first assignment in this project, I was considering to have all my three choices to be my top three favorite Coen brothers movies since I already have a good background on them. But I also like and watched most of the Ghibli studio anime movies. At the end, I thought that choosing a movie that I analyzed and already know well. This will make it easier for me since its a quick project, so at the end, I chose The Big Lebowski.

I watched the movie and took screenshots to pull out major concepts and try to visualize and to choose a color palette. I want to make my posters to have a minimalistic, vectors based style because I thought this approach is interesting since the original posters are all image based.


_ Nihilism: extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence. (definition)

The movie is basically about nothing. Walter is jew, but he is not. There is a kidnapped woman, but she is not. The dude is the Lebowski, but he is not. There are nihilists, but they are not(since they care about money). The dude and Walter were bowler players, but they were not playing. There is a money-full case, but there was no money in it. The only relevant person was Donny, but he did not survive. Donny’s ashes were thrown into Pacific, but it prefers the dude ashes, the dude is more pacific than the pacific ocean.

_ Lies and deceit: lies and deception are so prevalent in The Big Lebowski that it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. The Dude’s task is to unravel the ball of lies being thrown at him and expose the truth, but he’s getting different stories from everyone because they’re all out to get different things from him. The nihilists want ransom money, the Big Lebowski wants his wife to disappear, and Jackie Treehorn wants his money from Bunny.

color palette/ type:

  •  Image1: I thought that this scene resembles the overall color palette really well.
  • Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.05.31 PM
  •  Image2: the neon stars are superimposed over The Big Lebowski‘s opening credits. We see those stars everytime when The Dude, Walter, and Donny leave Hollywood Star Lanes after bowling. The stars also add to the generally trippy feeling of the film.
  • Image3: I thought I could use a similar typeface for my posters but maybe I’ll use more modern typefaces.
  • Bowling balls and bowling pins: Bowling is a metaphor for one of the movie’s biggest themes: fate, and how to control it. The Big Lebowski would have us believe that humans are as easily knocked down as bowling pins, and there’s no way we can know who is doing the knocking.


  • Taglines:The dude abidesAm I wrong? Calmer than you are.


  • Other Symbols:Bowling Rug Smoking

    White Russian