Design Form: Demystifying the mainstream

This cards box and set were designed to demystify the idea that people have about muslim women who do not wear the hijab being less religious than those who do wear it.The cards box shows two women one wearing the hijab and one not wearing it. When you open the box from the side that has the women wearing the hijab it will reveal the one who’s not wearing it and vice versa.This way shows that no one is better than the other in any way. Inside the box there is a set of cards that shows the five pillars of islam, which is the core of islam and it is what makes a muslim, and not the way we dress.




TypeII: Description & Final Photos

Guess where I’m from?

In this packaging project I chose to repackage nuts. My aim was to attract children and encourage them to eat healthier snacks. I designed the packages as characters from different countries depending on the kind of nut and its origin(Pistachios-Iran, Almonds-India, Peanuts-Brazil). Children can learn about where do their favorite snack come from as they are enjoying it.These cute characters made out of cardboard paper which also makes them sustainable and eco-friendly, and they are worth collecting, reusing or keeping for display.


Type:Project 5: Final Reflection on Type

The first project letter helped me understand the form of different typefaces in both arabic and latin languages. looking so closely at the form of letters and trying to find curves in two letters that match and find an interesting composition was the hardest part. it made me see the aesthetics of a composition better.

In the word project i had to carve out my letters which was an interesting physical exercise to make me feel and see the forms in real life rather than seeing it on screen like the previous project. experimenting with material and figuring out what type of material lends  itself to the form of the letter helped me understand different characteristics of the material and figuring out how to mold it into the letter form without distorting the material so much that we don’t know what it is anymore, so it was a balance of not distorting both the form and the material, but finding a happy medium and making the material used work with the form of the letter rather than against it. Kerning was introduced to us too in terms of placing the individual carved letters and making the spacing between them easy to read not too cramped making it harder to defrentiate the letters.

In the sentence and paragraph projects I learned a lot about legibility although the tracking, kerning, line measure, and all the exercises we did was tedious, I kind of appreciate it now because it helped me understand in the end how to make interesting compositions when keeping those things in mind and using them to enhance the overall aesthetics of the compositions. I didn’t really like making grids in my compositions but kept in mind that aligning parts of sentences and  paragraphs makes the composition more pleasing to the eye. Using different family members of the type to create expressive compositions and to create emphasis to certain (important) words.

In the final poster I got lucky with the colors, I always hated to play with colors in text but for some reason I actually liked how the colors I chose turned out with the overall poster it created a nice contrast between the sentence and the whole poster and choosing the ‘pistachio’ green to bring attention and emphasis certain was working really well. In the poster creating levels of hierarchy was pretty tricky, finding a big enough point size for my sentence was a little challenging for an a1 poster because I couldn’t tell on screen How really big or small was the point size, that’s why I had to test print before I print my final. (Obviously)

Final poster: 


I tried to apply what I learned in all these projects into this final one. Going through all these tedious exercises made it easier for me at the end, in terms of how to break the sentence and place it in the poster in relation to the word and other elements of the image, making sure to align it to certain letters to make it more organized and less random. When we were composing our sentences and paragraphs on plain white pages I felt it was more about the composition and felt color was not really necessary in some ways it didn’t make sense to me, but when it came to the poster it made a lot more sense to play with color since it enhances the legibility of the text and gives the sentence and chosen words emphasis and hierarchy in terms of what to pay attention to.

M&P(Installation): Feedback+Reflection

Reflection about our installation and how it went:

I was satisfied of our work, I think that the experience for the audience went well, the feedback we got from our classmates was exactly what we intended them to feel. Our intention for the whole installation was to make people feel confused, dizzy, scatter minded(looking into 4 different screens,sometimes not knowing where to focus their attention) and disturbed. I was happy to hear and read how they described their feelings and how it was a conformation that we did a good job at the end.


Our concept foe the installation was for the audience to feel how a schizophrenic person feel. The video was a transition from a normal state of mind( the audience(hopefully)) to a schizophrenic person POV. we made the video in a way that made the audience see the POV of a schizo and at the same time putting them in their shoes for them to experience the feeling fully. wiggly fabric gave a nice effect distorting the videos even more, and the popping candy also added to the effect of noise in the head that schizophrenic hear. i think we did a great job activating multiple senses vision, hearing and taste.

Our videos:

Test video of text

Main video

brain scan video


Reflection about group:

I was frustrated because i felt like the only people who cared for this project was me and reham, we made the time to work on our ideas and how to improve it, but we felt that we were kind of a separate group so overtime we try to include the others into discussion they only agree on what we had to say, i don’t know if that was demanding of us to do. We listen to them when they finally share their ideas, and to be honest some of the ideas we used it’s not like we dismiss them,we try to make them engage more in the process and in the making of the installation because at the end it’s ‘our’ project. i don’t know what they think when we take their opinions and they rarely add anything. Another thing was that they were kind of uninterested in the whole process, whereas for me(and Reham) I was so interested and trying to make everything work no matter what. I made time to work and think about improvements along the way, finding out that things might not work, suggesting solutions and things like that. i wish they were more hard working i don’t know if I’m asking too much of them but because i don’t want to be unfair to myself i made(forced) them to work, i planned meetings to discuss and let them in on what me and reham was thinking, i hated that i always find myself going to reham when i figure out something or have an improvement on an idea because she was the one who interacted with me the most she will get excited tell me her opinion and insight on things, but for the others they will not add much, i don’t know if i was expecting something they could not achieve or do but i wanted them to at least put as much effort and time as me and reham, i feel that they didn’t care because they knew that someone else will do the work or finish the work for them. (btw Noor was quite helpful throughout this process but as I said i wish she made time to work, rather than work for a bit and leave the rest to us to finish).

Things I learned(real reflection)(not ranting, maybe a little):

  • not to have high hopes for others.
  • it’s not always easy to work with others, but trying to make people work was also uncomfortable, it felt that i was demanding something they can’t do (which is not true but i hate that they made me feel this way), if i can do it they can too.
  • it made me really think about the things i don’t let myself do, like lying, depending a lot on others and letting others work more than me. because it means that I’m not contributing to the group.
  • working alone is much easier and faster because you don’t have to take others opinion on what to do, unlike working with others where you have to consider every member and their opinion on how to do things.
  • deconstructing was hard when i was doing it alone at the beginning, but as a group it was easier because i learned from others and understood their perspective the topic.
  • although we went a bit abstract with our approach i felt it was more interesting that we did it this way, it was unexpected and at the same time we delivered a message/idea from the movie.


M&P(Installation): Process 5

Individual work:

i went to get the wire from the design shop to start making the hoop. Some difficulties was that at first i didn’t know how to measure how big i should make the hoop, but then remembered that we used the tape measure from fashion to estimate how big we wanted the hoop, and used it to tape the diameters of the circle on the ground and taped the wire itself around the guideline i created for myself. i was concerned because this circle was supposed to fit 30 people but now that i see it in front of me it barely fit 15. i’m considering to make it a bit bigger just in case.


Group work:

since the wire is not that thick I have to wrap it around itself several times, noor came to help me with this but i seem to make it harder on us since i looped the wire around itself and created a continuous circle instead of cutting the length i wanted first and wrap another piece of wire around it. but we managed to finish one round and we’re thinking of making another two wire ropes and wrap them together to get a sturdier hoop.


we were using this method, we want to create two more and wrap them around each other. So three in total.

During the weekend noor took the wire and made 3 more ropes.


Individual work:

after we wrapped all the wire together i taped half of the circle and reham helped me with the other half because it was time consuming to wrap masking tape around the circle wire.


i made a video of the phrases i found to use on our main videos as an introduction and ending, since we wanted to give the audience a better idea of what is schizophrenia i thought that this was a better way to deliver the idea and give the audience a chance to develop their own perspective/meaning of the experience and how they define schizophrenia.

Group work:

on Sunday, we went to set up and clean the room and bring tools we need, like projectors and tripods, finding extension cords, setting up the projectors where we need them and later in the day we went and did a test run.

we went and made a mini station for our candy that we will distribute, in order to get more organized, and have more of a system where people enter, take the candy, eat it and go inside the hoop the watch the projection.

i got quite angry because of one of the members, i think they thought that we reserved this classroom for them to do work for other classes, me and reham cleaned the room the day before but came on Monday morning and found it quite messy, they had their things all over the place, i don’t think we are meant to look after that person for them to feel free to use the place like this especially after we cleaned(we didn’t do it for them!!!), at this point I was just holding my anger, although we asked them to clean the mess, they didn’t really do much other than removing their stuff, we had to reorganize the tables and chairs again, and remove sadu cushion they brought from outside the class.

we also ‘packaged’ the popping candy:


M&P(Installation): Process 4


we were supposed to have a meeting today but unfortunately not all of us were able to show up except for me and reham, noor had a meeting at the same time but she was able to meet with me and Reham for a little bit to tell her what to do and to inform her that we want “our audience” to enter in two 2 groups, 15 people at a time.

for this meeting we wanted to check that everyone had a task to do and whether they did something or not, I made a list of what we have to get done this week at least:

  • buy fabric, wire and fishing rod.
  • shoot some footage for video + edit.
  • make hoop and attach fabric to it.
  • make sure that the room is not used by anyone(take permission of the people using the room, ask if they could take class in another room for the day)

I also wanted to address that it’s not possible for us to fit all the class in the hoop and make them see the projection at the same time because it will be packed and people will be close to the fabric so it will be hard to see, I want to suggest that we make two groups at least and see if anyone had any other solutions for this problem. but i guess that we’ll have this conversation tomorrow.

another reason why I wanted to meet the before class time is that we were planning to use class time to go and buy stuff that we need. but at the end we went a bit late and didn’t manage to get back by 4:30 like the professors said, so i had this plan to use our time but other group members were not cooperating and wasting our time which made me mad at that person.

We met in class time and discussed the situation above, everyone agreed that we should make two groups of 15 people, so we will go in two rounds for about 3-4 min for each group, so we decided we will make a 3 minute video(of a schizophrenic person POV) which is the main video and another abstract video of a brain scan with added effects. Reham mentioned that we should give out something for the audience, and suggested we give out cards of what schizophrenia is because our classmates/audience probably don’t have any idea of what it is. but then we came to the conclusion that we give out the popping candy, because in the end we want the audience to feel how a schizophrenic person feel, we remembered from our research that they feel their mouth being rough and they hear voices/noise so we thought that this candy kind of give the feeling of something rough in the mouth and noises that come from inside the head. we agreed that we will print out and stick a definition of the illness or a brief description of what to do on the packet.(maybe both)

Then me, Reham and Noor went to buy things we need: 15 meters of fabric, fishing rod and popping candy. we left Nikko to work on the video in the meantime.