Type(Paragraph): Reflection

From my experiments I learned that type should be more obvious to read, i experimented with different compositions some of them were not easy to read and confuses the reader. from that i went back and started considering that my compositions should be easy to read. less is more. breaking up the paragraph should be simple and informed, at the beginning i wasn’t considering that. when highlighting or bringing attention to a phrase in the paragraph it should be meaningful and adds to the paragraph, it shouldn’t be a random phrase.

things that i was lucky with:

  • achieving a nice grey. choosing a typeface that is not heavy(stroke,serif/san serif), adjusting the leading and point size also helped me achieve the grey.
  • through the experiments i figured out how to achieve a good rag, tracking and kerning helped me with that, and made me pay attention that some words in my paragraph needs some kerning.

A3 composition: I chose to separate the first sentence because of what it says, it says ‘they came in their white robes…’ so i thought separating the sentence slightly making it as it was coming into the paragraph would be nice, i continued to experiment further with it I scaled the first sentence bigger but it was too much, i wanted it to be subtle so i just kept it the same point size at the end.

A4 composition: i broke the paragraph into 4 parts, two sentences in each part, and tried to find a nice placement on the page, this time i made sure that the parts of my paragraph are arranged in a way the made it easier to read. i also made sure that the spacing between them was equal. from my previous experiments i realized that it’s better to keep the alignment of the text to the direction of where the text reads, if it reads from the right keep the alignment to the right… to make it less confusing and easier to read. i also considered line measure in both my compositions and tried to keep the characters in nice range between 55 to 75 characters.


Type(Paragraph): Process 3

Refinements & class critique:

i chose this one as my final A3, i made some changes suggested by leland and people who gave me feedback. here i wanted to see if changing the ‘family member’ of the typeface would look nice but i think that it was too much and the fact that i made it italic and changed the point size to be bigger was definitely toooo much.
here i just made it two point sizes bigger, i don’t think that it looks bad but it’s doesn’t serve to the meaning of the sentence it doesn’t need to be bigger. at least the rag is nice.
Here i wanted to see if it will look better if the sentence was further but i didn’t like the extra space…
at the beginning i was debating whether to choose this one or the above ones for my final A3, at the end i chose the other one because i felt that i had more reason and intention for the ones above and i was just figuring out if small looked better aesthetically.
This one was my final one after all the editing, but then i noticed that the leading was a bit tight and some words needed kerning, when i fixed it
A4, originally i had the first three parts aligned but it was boring and too controlled so i shifted the second paragraph to the left and aligned it in the middle of the first and third parts.
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.41.15 PM.png
final adjustments for this composition, i aligned the last part to the end of the third one,and shifted the second one down a little to make the space equal between both parts of the paragraph.

M&P(Installation): Process 3

Individual Process:

Nikko suggested that we search about insomnia and schizophrenia since the main character was diagnosed with those two diseases. So I did that and found some interesting phrases that may help us which are:

  • withdrawal from reality.
  • fault perception.
  • fantasy and delusion.
  • mental fragmentation.

I also wanted to know how a person with this illness feel so I researched about that(link to an article i read : http://www.medicaldaily.com/what-does-it-feel-have-schizophrenia-outside-and-inside-chronic-brain-disorder-270889 .)

I also found an interesting tedtalk about schizophrenia: https://www.ted.com/talks/elyn_saks_seeing_mental_illness/transcript?language=en#t-873623

I screen shot some phrases that i thought would help us, or even use it for our video:


I searched for some inspiration images for installations and exhibitions. These are the ones I found…

I liked the one with the rounded space because it gives the idea of being separated,the one with projection is kind of delusional and goes with our theme. The one with broken mirrors i think gives the idea of a scattered mind and confusion.

Group discussion: 

I sat down with Reham to brainstorm some ideas, based on the research we both did individually and my inspiration images we came up with 5 ideas for our exhibition.


  • my very initial idea for the installation was to build 3 sided walls(just like in sketches),(eventually i suggested to make it a circle,since we chose the fabric projection idea and thought it was easier for us to also hang from the ceiling)

Reham went and made some quick sketches to show our ideas:


we met at the library to discuss our ideas and sketches, we looked for some books about installations for more inspiration. we discusses these ideas(basically the two i liked more):

  • mirrors: reflection of self how a person sees him/her self, and how others sees them.
  • broken or a lot of mirrors in different sizes/ angles: to convey the idea of different personalities that a schizophrenic person have.
  • projection on fabric

we felt that the projection idea was the best and strongest, so we discussed the idea further and considered experiential design, we thought of how to tackle the visual, sound and somehow touch senses to deliver the idea to the audience without explaining it to them.

  • So for visual was the projection, video of POV schizophrenic person.
  • For sound we thought of having some negative words whispered through the video with some noise sounds.
  • The fabric was to further the feeling of delusion while the projection is on the slightly moving fabric.
  • We decided to have the fabric in a circle and people is inside, to give the audience can uneasy/ uncomfortable feeling of being cramped up in one place.

we went to Ryan FYI Professor to ask about what kind of fabric is best to use for projection, we wanted something that could go through the other side slightly so he suggested we use muslin fabric. since they used it for Strange Wonders’ exhibition.

we chose room 216 because we wanted a big space for our installation(initially we were thinking to make a hoop that will fit 30 people) that’s why we wanted a big room. plus we can control the lighting easily so it will be easier for us to use the projectors.

we wanted to hang the hoop and the fabric from the ceiling so we asked the professors if we can do that, and they told us to ask facilities. Facilities said that we have to measure the weight of the thing we want to hang, so we weighted the two wire roles and one meter(then we calculated how much it will weight for 15 meters) we made sure that we measure a bit extra just in case. we measured the circle to be around 3.5 meters in diameter.

after the approval of facilities we distributed tasks, since Nikko showed us some of his photography projects and how he was good at it, we asked him to do the video. Me, Noor and Reham were responsible for making the installation, bringing fabric, the wire,projectors and making the hoop and attaching the fabric to it.

we went to the material library and asked them where we could find muslin fabric, now that I think of  it I think it was a waste of time to go there because we wasted a lot of time explaining to abdulrahman what we wanted to do and he was making it difficult for us, I think he wanted us to give up on our idea because apparently, 1) the fabric is not available in Qatar, 2) it’s impossible to hang a big hoop with fabric from the ceiling i don’t know why ??, 3) we needed at least 4 projectors(which was true in the end) i guess what i’m trying to say is that he was making us feel disappointed and frustrated for no reason.

Type(Paragraph): Process 2

This time I had a better idea of what to do, at least I had some sort of intension when I was placing my paragraph on the page. At first I was trying different placements without breaking up the paragraph, then I started breaking up my paragraph in different ways and getting all the bad (and some nice) ideas out.

It wasn’t as boring as the first time I did this with the sentence since ideas of how to break the paragraph was coming to me easily, even though I didn’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong but having some background knowledge from the sentence project was helpful.


i thought separating the first sentence would look nice, making it look like it was coming in the paragraph kind of like what it said in the paragraph.
I kerned some of the words that needed kerning for the composition i liked.
i forgot why i screen shot this. but i think i wanted to try the drop caps thing but i didn’t like how it looked.


I was criticized badly about this one but I’m not complaining because I knew it was horrible while I was making it but wanted to get this out, it was with my ‘bad’ ones.


Things learned from this bad mistake:

  • It was hard to read.
  • The line measure was tooooo long which confuses the reader.
  • It’s hard to figure out were to start reading.
  • Making it in a diagonal makes it impossible to read.
For this one, making the word sticking out bolder or scaling it up might look better.
I need to work on the rag for this one, because during critique we were asked to work more on the rags and not use justify because it creates rivers…
This was one of my good ones so I decided to play more with it. I made the first sentence slightly bigger in size here.


Here I chose the type family  ‘ultra light extended oblique’, it looked nice on screen but I’m still experimenting with this one. I’ll have to print out and see.



M&P(Installation): Process 2

My concept was about how the girl in the story (Alaska) was kind of having an inner conflict, since she is convinced that she was the reason that her mother died although it was an accident and she couldn’t do anything about it, and because of this she has become slightly weird and has weird thoughts, and in the end it kind of affected her mental state, and committed suicide at the end of the story due to the guilt and uneasiness she was feeling. Through the story the characters were talking about what is a labyrinth and every character viewed it from their point of view, since a labyrinth is not really a maze or a puzzle to be solved, and it’s more like a path that has one entrances and one exit and once you enter you have to experience it all in order to get out there is no dead ends. Alaska was convinced that the labyrinth was suffering whereas her friends thought that its the experience of life, so she was searching for a way to  get out of this labyrinth, this suffering, guilt that she was feeling.

So my concept was about mental health/inner conflict.

Group Process:

After everyone presented in front of the class, we were put in groups according to our concepts. I was put in a group with Reham, Nikko and Noor Alemadi. We had to choose one concept for our exhibition. Our concepts were very similar which made it very hard on us to choose since we all had this common theme of inner conflict, but then we decided to choose a concept that we can work with fairly easily, a concept that we can imagine an experience for, we thought of these things vaguely. We were leaning towards the mental illness side of my concept and Nikko’s but we also liked Reham’s concept of survival. In the end we decided to voted and it was a tie between mental illness(fight club) and survival(The Martians). After a very long discussion we chose to go with Nikko’s concept mental illness(fight club), For next class we are supposed to come up with at least five sketches for our exhibition.

M&P(Installation): Process 1

I wasn’t sure how to start deconstructing so before I choose a story I went to research how to deconstruct one. These helped me the most to understand the concept:

But then I didn’t really follow everything since we were supposed to choose aspects or find interesting concepts within the content of the story. I chose a book titled ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. I started with the physical deconstruction of the book so I was looking at the book cover and the image they chose to represent the story and started to connect the cover image with the content of the story, kind of remembering aspects of the story through the cover and remembering personality of the main characters and some of the main events and extracting concepts from that,  I don’t know if I was doing this right but thats how I managed to come up with ideas and remember what the story was about.

Book deconstruction:




Type(Paragraph): Process 1

Since my word was ‘austere’ I had to search for a paragraph that is opposite in meaning, so I went back to the very beginning of the word project; when I was still undecided with my word and had already researched austere and ornate in both languages. For this project I started off from there, but found myself finding other meanings or other things related to the word like this first paragraph I found.

I found it interesting how the word ornate is associated here with turtles:

“Ornate box turtles have one of the largest natural ranges of any box turtle species – occupying nearly all of the American Midwest. Ornate box turtles are easily identified by their dark brown carapace with bright yellow markings radiating from the upper posterior section of each costal shield. The bodies of ornate box turtles are mottled brown and yellow/cream with yellow, orange and/or red markings on the face and forelegs. Like all other species of American box turtle, ornate box turtles possess a hinged plastron. Male ornate box turtles usually have a slightly concave plastron and possess red irises, and female ornate box turtles have a flat plastron with brown or yellow irises. Males also have longer, thicker tails.” Ornate Box Turtle Care Sheet  BY IAN JESSUP


Another Paragraph related to decorating cookies…

“I want you to be successful with cookie decorating, and the only way I know how to do that is to share what I know with you. Here you will find all of the baking and decorating tips and techniques that I use personally. They are tried and true methods that have been proven through the decoration of literally tens of thousands of cookies.

Remember, a lot of your success depends on using the right tools. I’ve made available just about everything you’ll ever need for cookie decorating on our online store. From cookie cutters to decorating and baking supplies, ingredientspackaging and presentation suppliessugars and sprinkles, and much more!…Happy cookie decorating!” http://karenscookies.net/Cookie-Decorating-Tutorials_ep_41-1.html

Another one about decorating stuff that doesn’t have to be decorated:

“There is an on-going boom in ‘decoration’ among Japanese women, who are known to love cute things. It is all the fashion to embellish every-day items with beads and rhinestones etc. that sparkle like jewels. The attraction lies in being able to transform smartphone cases and stationery, cosmetics, digital cameras, and so on, into personalized, original items with just a few ideas and a little hand crafting. Just casually carrying your treasure around in the office, or at school, is bound to create a topic of conversation, as people exclaim “Oh! How Cute…” And new decorative accoutrements are coming onto the market, such as shiny, miniature fruits and sweets made of resin.” http://web-japan.org/trends/11_fashion/fas131125.html

I started to look for ‘ornate’ poems, because the word has a meaning of being fancy with words.

“Vivid Red Barn Vivid red barn juxtaposed against a green pumpkin field. Cloudless sky with bright sun hurt my eyes. Starkness of the scene burnt into my mind. Beautiful! Time passes. Sun lowers in the sky with fat orange orbs all around. Bright reds, yellows and orange ornate the trees. Hayride swinging through. Artist easel in the field. A painting just waiting to be alive. Sun lowers still. Winter, snow deep, cold white drifting toward the barn, glistening. Snow Hare tracks everywhere. Black crows in the sky warning out their calls. Mud season, sun moves higher in the sky banishing the white until next year. Sun, still on the move. New baby green in the field reappears. Cycle continues year after year

Content from PoetrySoup.com. Read more at: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poem/vivid_red_barn_847523
Copyright © PoetrySoup and Respective Poets.” written by poet JG Collins.


They came in their white robes leaning on ornate wooden staffs. Witches too, carrying crystal globes and the wizard loudly them chaffs. The moon shines fat and full casting silvery rays of light. All together they made an eyeful as they danced through the night. Worshiping this special time the priests following the trail up the hill to the stones they climb each seeking the mysteries to unveil. The stones look forbidding crested up high surveying the valley. With sword held high he chanted his words were full of testimony. After the rites were finished a blessing given and received. Leaving the circle spiritually replenished with solstice duly loved and cherished.” by Shadow Hamilton

Content from PoetrySoup.com. Read more at: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poem/solstice_794390
Copyright © PoetrySoup and Respective Poets.

I’m still indecisive and I don’t know if I was doing my research right, I think I went for the abstract meaning of the word ‘ornate’ more that a direct approach to the meaning. The last two paragraphs came from the other meaning of ornate which is being fancy with words so I searched for ornate poetry for those.

I found two more just to make sure that what I chose before were good enough, I’ve been so indecisive about the paragraph it’s driving me crazy.

Open the ornate gates, what do you see?
I see spinning stars and dancing galaxies.
Lower the drawbridge, what do you find?
I find a beautiful place ravaged by time.
Unlock the palace door, what is inside?
I spot rolling green hills stretched far and wide.
Look into my eyes, what lies within?
Inside lies a boy with patience wearing thin.
What do you see? What do you find?
What within do you think lies inside?  

Skye Applebome


Dazzle of diamond
Richness of gold
Freshness of pearl
Simplicity of silver
A bit of
Rust from iron too
Thread it all in the string of time
To create a jewellery that glows
Adorn that with grace to see
How life grows

Bharti Singh


At the end, I decided to choose this one below because I felt that it was the most ornate/fancy with words, it suits the meaning I’m going for ornate the best.


They came in their white robes leaning on ornate wooden staffs. Witches too, carrying crystal globes and the wizard loudly them chaffs. The moon shines fat and full casting silvery rays of light. All together they made an eyeful as they danced through the night. Worshiping this special time the priests following the trail up the hill to the stones they climb each seeking the mysteries to unveil. The stones look forbidding crested up high surveying the valley. With sword held high he chanted his words were full of testimony. After the rites were finished a blessing given and received. Leaving the circle spiritually replenished with solstice duly loved and cherished.” by Shadow Hamilton