Design Form: Demystifying the mainstream

This cards box and set were designed to demystify the idea that people have about muslim women who do not wear the hijab being less religious than those who do wear it.The cards box shows two women one wearing the hijab and one not wearing it. When you open the box from the side that has the women wearing the hijab it will reveal the one who’s not wearing it and vice versa.This way shows that no one is better than the other in any way. Inside the box there is a set of cards that shows the five pillars of islam, which is the core of islam and it is what makes a muslim, and not the way we dress.




TypeII: Description & Final Photos

Guess where I’m from?

In this packaging project I chose to repackage nuts. My aim was to attract children and encourage them to eat healthier snacks. I designed the packages as characters from different countries depending on the kind of nut and its origin(Pistachios-Iran, Almonds-India, Peanuts-Brazil). Children can learn about where do their favorite snack come from as they are enjoying it.These cute characters made out of cardboard paper which also makes them sustainable and eco-friendly, and they are worth collecting, reusing or keeping for display.