Design Tech: Transforming digital drawings into physical spaces. (Part2)

We went to see how we’re going to paint our design on our wall. One major problem we faced was that we were all short and couldn’t reach the top of the wall even when we stand on a mini ladder or a chair. The second problem, there was only one projector  and another group already stole it.

So we decided to see the measurements on the laptop and draw it by pencil on the wall. The process took a long time but we wanted to get the basic outline of the design done and we did. (The top part was super hard) we left it for the next class when we get the projector.


The next class we went to IT and borrowed a projector, and we started taping our design away. I hate taping and Gajin hated painting so we came to the agreement that she will be responsible for taping and I will paint. Oh and we made Sarah tape the top part, we tried to do our best with the top part by ourselves but yeah we had to ask Sarah to help us at the end.




Seeing our design coming together was so satisfying, but the most satisfying part of all of this was peeling the tape and seeing those crisp lines ugh so satisfying!!

We had to do some cleaning up with the white paint but that was also satisfying for me making the lines even more clean and crisp.


and once you see the chicken you can’t un-see it… that was a funny accident in our design.


Design Tech: Transforming digital drawings into physical spaces.

I was in group with Gajin and Amal, we discussed what are we going to do for our design that we’re going to paint on the wall. The very first thing that we agreed on was that our design will have absolutely no circles and not a single curve so we were Our method of working was as following:

First we found our favorite shape designs and scans and separated them into two file ones being simple and the other being more complicated. Those are my favorite simple ones:


Then we went on making a wall design each, when we were done we chose which one we liked better as a simple design and which one we liked as a more complicated one. These are the two I made:

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-07-59-pm       screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-08-46-pm

After that we went to talk to the professors to show them what we came up with out of around six designs we narrowed them into two of our best designs. The professors liked the design I made and we were told to work further on it so I tried to improve it but honestly I failed at making something better than the original one. The aesthetic of the original (middle) was better no matter what.


Below is one of my failed attempts and my ‘complicated’ design:


Design Tech: Drawing objects in illustrator.

We were given a variety of cute little objects that we had to draw in illustrator. I tried to use what we learned so far and draw using shapes, it was challenging but as soon as I started making I figured out how to make things and simplifying complex shapes into more simple ones.

We were asked to illustrate two object from the cute ones, a personal object and an illustration of myself.

These are the two object I illustrated:


My Personal object:

Myself: I used arabic letters to create my face mostly my eyes because often notice them first I guess, I don’t really know.


Design Tech: Scribbles to Scans.

We brought everything black that we own as we were told and began scribbling our names and whatever on paper with ink, charcoal, pens and watercolors and after that we went to scan the scribbles. I scanned some normally and I scanned some while moving them on the scanner, them I played with them digitally using illustrator effects.

Here are some of the scans I made. When I was making those I realized that I was making circular shapes repetitively and when we chose 15 of our favorites for class discussion I found out that most of my classmates did the same thing which was surprising.



Below is my favorite scan design I came up with (it was a happy accident).