M&P(Installation): Feedback+Reflection

Reflection about our installation and how it went:

I was satisfied of our work, I think that the experience for the audience went well, the feedback we got from our classmates was exactly what we intended them to feel. Our intention for the whole installation was to make people feel confused, dizzy, scatter minded(looking into 4 different screens,sometimes not knowing where to focus their attention) and disturbed. I was happy to hear and read how they described their feelings and how it was a conformation that we did a good job at the end.


Our concept foe the installation was for the audience to feel how a schizophrenic person feel. The video was a transition from a normal state of mind( the audience(hopefully)) to a schizophrenic person POV. we made the video in a way that made the audience see the POV of a schizo and at the same time putting them in their shoes for them to experience the feeling fully. wiggly fabric gave a nice effect distorting the videos even more, and the popping candy also added to the effect of noise in the head that schizophrenic hear. i think we did a great job activating multiple senses vision, hearing and taste.

Our videos:

Test video of text

Main video

brain scan video


Reflection about group:

I was frustrated because i felt like the only people who cared for this project was me and reham, we made the time to work on our ideas and how to improve it, but we felt that we were kind of a separate group so overtime we try to include the others into discussion they only agree on what we had to say, i don’t know if that was demanding of us to do. We listen to them when they finally share their ideas, and to be honest some of the ideas we used it’s not like we dismiss them,we try to make them engage more in the process and in the making of the installation because at the end it’s ‘our’ project. i don’t know what they think when we take their opinions and they rarely add anything. Another thing was that they were kind of uninterested in the whole process, whereas for me(and Reham) I was so interested and trying to make everything work no matter what. I made time to work and think about improvements along the way, finding out that things might not work, suggesting solutions and things like that. i wish they were more hard working i don’t know if I’m asking too much of them but because i don’t want to be unfair to myself i made(forced) them to work, i planned meetings to discuss and let them in on what me and reham was thinking, i hated that i always find myself going to reham when i figure out something or have an improvement on an idea because she was the one who interacted with me the most she will get excited tell me her opinion and insight on things, but for the others they will not add much, i don’t know if i was expecting something they could not achieve or do but i wanted them to at least put as much effort and time as me and reham, i feel that they didn’t care because they knew that someone else will do the work or finish the work for them. (btw Noor was quite helpful throughout this process but as I said i wish she made time to work, rather than work for a bit and leave the rest to us to finish).

Things I learned(real reflection)(not ranting, maybe a little):

  • not to have high hopes for others.
  • it’s not always easy to work with others, but trying to make people work was also uncomfortable, it felt that i was demanding something they can’t do (which is not true but i hate that they made me feel this way), if i can do it they can too.
  • it made me really think about the things i don’t let myself do, like lying, depending a lot on others and letting others work more than me. because it means that I’m not contributing to the group.
  • working alone is much easier and faster because you don’t have to take others opinion on what to do, unlike working with others where you have to consider every member and their opinion on how to do things.
  • deconstructing was hard when i was doing it alone at the beginning, but as a group it was easier because i learned from others and understood their perspective the topic.
  • although we went a bit abstract with our approach i felt it was more interesting that we did it this way, it was unexpected and at the same time we delivered a message/idea from the movie.


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