M&P(Installation): Process 5

Individual work:

i went to get the wire from the design shop to start making the hoop. Some difficulties was that at first i didn’t know how to measure how big i should make the hoop, but then remembered that we used the tape measure from fashion to estimate how big we wanted the hoop, and used it to tape the diameters of the circle on the ground and taped the wire itself around the guideline i created for myself. i was concerned because this circle was supposed to fit 30 people but now that i see it in front of me it barely fit 15. i’m considering to make it a bit bigger just in case.


Group work:

since the wire is not that thick I have to wrap it around itself several times, noor came to help me with this but i seem to make it harder on us since i looped the wire around itself and created a continuous circle instead of cutting the length i wanted first and wrap another piece of wire around it. but we managed to finish one round and we’re thinking of making another two wire ropes and wrap them together to get a sturdier hoop.


we were using this method, we want to create two more and wrap them around each other. So three in total.

During the weekend noor took the wire and made 3 more ropes.


Individual work:

after we wrapped all the wire together i taped half of the circle and reham helped me with the other half because it was time consuming to wrap masking tape around the circle wire.


i made a video of the phrases i found to use on our main videos as an introduction and ending, since we wanted to give the audience a better idea of what is schizophrenia i thought that this was a better way to deliver the idea and give the audience a chance to develop their own perspective/meaning of the experience and how they define schizophrenia.

Group work:

on Sunday, we went to set up and clean the room and bring tools we need, like projectors and tripods, finding extension cords, setting up the projectors where we need them and later in the day we went and did a test run.

we went and made a mini station for our candy that we will distribute, in order to get more organized, and have more of a system where people enter, take the candy, eat it and go inside the hoop the watch the projection.

i got quite angry because of one of the members, i think they thought that we reserved this classroom for them to do work for other classes, me and reham cleaned the room the day before but came on Monday morning and found it quite messy, they had their things all over the place, i don’t think we are meant to look after that person for them to feel free to use the place like this especially after we cleaned(we didn’t do it for them!!!), at this point I was just holding my anger, although we asked them to clean the mess, they didn’t really do much other than removing their stuff, we had to reorganize the tables and chairs again, and remove sadu cushion they brought from outside the class.

we also ‘packaged’ the popping candy:


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