M&P(Installation): Process 4


we were supposed to have a meeting today but unfortunately not all of us were able to show up except for me and reham, noor had a meeting at the same time but she was able to meet with me and Reham for a little bit to tell her what to do and to inform her that we want “our audience” to enter in two 2 groups, 15 people at a time.

for this meeting we wanted to check that everyone had a task to do and whether they did something or not, I made a list of what we have to get done this week at least:

  • buy fabric, wire and fishing rod.
  • shoot some footage for video + edit.
  • make hoop and attach fabric to it.
  • make sure that the room is not used by anyone(take permission of the people using the room, ask if they could take class in another room for the day)

I also wanted to address that it’s not possible for us to fit all the class in the hoop and make them see the projection at the same time because it will be packed and people will be close to the fabric so it will be hard to see, I want to suggest that we make two groups at least and see if anyone had any other solutions for this problem. but i guess that we’ll have this conversation tomorrow.

another reason why I wanted to meet the before class time is that we were planning to use class time to go and buy stuff that we need. but at the end we went a bit late and didn’t manage to get back by 4:30 like the professors said, so i had this plan to use our time but other group members were not cooperating and wasting our time which made me mad at that person.

We met in class time and discussed the situation above, everyone agreed that we should make two groups of 15 people, so we will go in two rounds for about 3-4 min for each group, so we decided we will make a 3 minute video(of a schizophrenic person POV) which is the main video and another abstract video of a brain scan with added effects. Reham mentioned that we should give out something for the audience, and suggested we give out cards of what schizophrenia is because our classmates/audience probably don’t have any idea of what it is. but then we came to the conclusion that we give out the popping candy, because in the end we want the audience to feel how a schizophrenic person feel, we remembered from our research that they feel their mouth being rough and they hear voices/noise so we thought that this candy kind of give the feeling of something rough in the mouth and noises that come from inside the head. we agreed that we will print out and stick a definition of the illness or a brief description of what to do on the packet.(maybe both)

Then me, Reham and Noor went to buy things we need: 15 meters of fabric, fishing rod and popping candy. we left Nikko to work on the video in the meantime.


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