Type(Paragraph): Reflection

From my experiments I learned that type should be more obvious to read, i experimented with different compositions some of them were not easy to read and confuses the reader. from that i went back and started considering that my compositions should be easy to read. less is more. breaking up the paragraph should be simple and informed, at the beginning i wasn’t considering that. when highlighting or bringing attention to a phrase in the paragraph it should be meaningful and adds to the paragraph, it shouldn’t be a random phrase.

things that i was lucky with:

  • achieving a nice grey. choosing a typeface that is not heavy(stroke,serif/san serif), adjusting the leading and point size also helped me achieve the grey.
  • through the experiments i figured out how to achieve a good rag, tracking and kerning helped me with that, and made me pay attention that some words in my paragraph needs some kerning.

A3 composition: I chose to separate the first sentence because of what it says, it says ‘they came in their white robes…’ so i thought separating the sentence slightly making it as it was coming into the paragraph would be nice, i continued to experiment further with it I scaled the first sentence bigger but it was too much, i wanted it to be subtle so i just kept it the same point size at the end.

A4 composition: i broke the paragraph into 4 parts, two sentences in each part, and tried to find a nice placement on the page, this time i made sure that the parts of my paragraph are arranged in a way the made it easier to read. i also made sure that the spacing between them was equal. from my previous experiments i realized that it’s better to keep the alignment of the text to the direction of where the text reads, if it reads from the right keep the alignment to the right… to make it less confusing and easier to read. i also considered line measure in both my compositions and tried to keep the characters in nice range between 55 to 75 characters.


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