Type(Paragraph): Process 3

Refinements & class critique:

i chose this one as my final A3, i made some changes suggested by leland and people who gave me feedback. here i wanted to see if changing the ‘family member’ of the typeface would look nice but i think that it was too much and the fact that i made it italic and changed the point size to be bigger was definitely toooo much.
here i just made it two point sizes bigger, i don’t think that it looks bad but it’s doesn’t serve to the meaning of the sentence it doesn’t need to be bigger. at least the rag is nice.
Here i wanted to see if it will look better if the sentence was further but i didn’t like the extra space…
at the beginning i was debating whether to choose this one or the above ones for my final A3, at the end i chose the other one because i felt that i had more reason and intention for the ones above and i was just figuring out if small looked better aesthetically.
This one was my final one after all the editing, but then i noticed that the leading was a bit tight and some words needed kerning, when i fixed it
A4, originally i had the first three parts aligned but it was boring and too controlled so i shifted the second paragraph to the left and aligned it in the middle of the first and third parts.
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.41.15 PM.png
final adjustments for this composition, i aligned the last part to the end of the third one,and shifted the second one down a little to make the space equal between both parts of the paragraph.

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