Type(Paragraph): Process 2

This time I had a better idea of what to do, at least I had some sort of intension when I was placing my paragraph on the page. At first I was trying different placements without breaking up the paragraph, then I started breaking up my paragraph in different ways and getting all the bad (and some nice) ideas out.

It wasn’t as boring as the first time I did this with the sentence since ideas of how to break the paragraph was coming to me easily, even though I didn’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong but having some background knowledge from the sentence project was helpful.


i thought separating the first sentence would look nice, making it look like it was coming in the paragraph kind of like what it said in the paragraph.
I kerned some of the words that needed kerning for the composition i liked.
i forgot why i screen shot this. but i think i wanted to try the drop caps thing but i didn’t like how it looked.


I was criticized badly about this one but I’m not complaining because I knew it was horrible while I was making it but wanted to get this out, it was with my ‘bad’ ones.


Things learned from this bad mistake:

  • It was hard to read.
  • The line measure was tooooo long which confuses the reader.
  • It’s hard to figure out were to start reading.
  • Making it in a diagonal makes it impossible to read.
For this one, making the word sticking out bolder or scaling it up might look better.
I need to work on the rag for this one, because during critique we were asked to work more on the rags and not use justify because it creates rivers…
This was one of my good ones so I decided to play more with it. I made the first sentence slightly bigger in size here.


Here I chose the type family  ‘ultra light extended oblique’, it looked nice on screen but I’m still experimenting with this one. I’ll have to print out and see.




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