M&P(Installation): Process 3

Individual Process:

Nikko suggested that we search about insomnia and schizophrenia since the main character was diagnosed with those two diseases. So I did that and found some interesting phrases that may help us which are:

  • withdrawal from reality.
  • fault perception.
  • fantasy and delusion.
  • mental fragmentation.

I also wanted to know how a person with this illness feel so I researched about that(link to an article i read : http://www.medicaldaily.com/what-does-it-feel-have-schizophrenia-outside-and-inside-chronic-brain-disorder-270889 .)

I also found an interesting tedtalk about schizophrenia: https://www.ted.com/talks/elyn_saks_seeing_mental_illness/transcript?language=en#t-873623

I screen shot some phrases that i thought would help us, or even use it for our video:


I searched for some inspiration images for installations and exhibitions. These are the ones I found…

I liked the one with the rounded space because it gives the idea of being separated,the one with projection is kind of delusional and goes with our theme. The one with broken mirrors i think gives the idea of a scattered mind and confusion.

Group discussion: 

I sat down with Reham to brainstorm some ideas, based on the research we both did individually and my inspiration images we came up with 5 ideas for our exhibition.


  • my very initial idea for the installation was to build 3 sided walls(just like in sketches),(eventually i suggested to make it a circle,since we chose the fabric projection idea and thought it was easier for us to also hang from the ceiling)

Reham went and made some quick sketches to show our ideas:


we met at the library to discuss our ideas and sketches, we looked for some books about installations for more inspiration. we discusses these ideas(basically the two i liked more):

  • mirrors: reflection of self how a person sees him/her self, and how others sees them.
  • broken or a lot of mirrors in different sizes/ angles: to convey the idea of different personalities that a schizophrenic person have.
  • projection on fabric

we felt that the projection idea was the best and strongest, so we discussed the idea further and considered experiential design, we thought of how to tackle the visual, sound and somehow touch senses to deliver the idea to the audience without explaining it to them.

  • So for visual was the projection, video of POV schizophrenic person.
  • For sound we thought of having some negative words whispered through the video with some noise sounds.
  • The fabric was to further the feeling of delusion while the projection is on the slightly moving fabric.
  • We decided to have the fabric in a circle and people is inside, to give the audience can uneasy/ uncomfortable feeling of being cramped up in one place.

we went to Ryan FYI Professor to ask about what kind of fabric is best to use for projection, we wanted something that could go through the other side slightly so he suggested we use muslin fabric. since they used it for Strange Wonders’ exhibition.

we chose room 216 because we wanted a big space for our installation(initially we were thinking to make a hoop that will fit 30 people) that’s why we wanted a big room. plus we can control the lighting easily so it will be easier for us to use the projectors.

we wanted to hang the hoop and the fabric from the ceiling so we asked the professors if we can do that, and they told us to ask facilities. Facilities said that we have to measure the weight of the thing we want to hang, so we weighted the two wire roles and one meter(then we calculated how much it will weight for 15 meters) we made sure that we measure a bit extra just in case. we measured the circle to be around 3.5 meters in diameter.

after the approval of facilities we distributed tasks, since Nikko showed us some of his photography projects and how he was good at it, we asked him to do the video. Me, Noor and Reham were responsible for making the installation, bringing fabric, the wire,projectors and making the hoop and attaching the fabric to it.

we went to the material library and asked them where we could find muslin fabric, now that I think of  it I think it was a waste of time to go there because we wasted a lot of time explaining to abdulrahman what we wanted to do and he was making it difficult for us, I think he wanted us to give up on our idea because apparently, 1) the fabric is not available in Qatar, 2) it’s impossible to hang a big hoop with fabric from the ceiling i don’t know why ??, 3) we needed at least 4 projectors(which was true in the end) i guess what i’m trying to say is that he was making us feel disappointed and frustrated for no reason.

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