M&P(Installation): Process 2

My concept was about how the girl in the story (Alaska) was kind of having an inner conflict, since she is convinced that she was the reason that her mother died although it was an accident and she couldn’t do anything about it, and because of this she has become slightly weird and has weird thoughts, and in the end it kind of affected her mental state, and committed suicide at the end of the story due to the guilt and uneasiness she was feeling. Through the story the characters were talking about what is a labyrinth and every character viewed it from their point of view, since a labyrinth is not really a maze or a puzzle to be solved, and it’s more like a path that has one entrances and one exit and once you enter you have to experience it all in order to get out there is no dead ends. Alaska was convinced that the labyrinth was suffering whereas her friends thought that its the experience of life, so she was searching for a way to  get out of this labyrinth, this suffering, guilt that she was feeling.

So my concept was about mental health/inner conflict.

Group Process:

After everyone presented in front of the class, we were put in groups according to our concepts. I was put in a group with Reham, Nikko and Noor Alemadi. We had to choose one concept for our exhibition. Our concepts were very similar which made it very hard on us to choose since we all had this common theme of inner conflict, but then we decided to choose a concept that we can work with fairly easily, a concept that we can imagine an experience for, we thought of these things vaguely. We were leaning towards the mental illness side of my concept and Nikko’s but we also liked Reham’s concept of survival. In the end we decided to voted and it was a tie between mental illness(fight club) and survival(The Martians). After a very long discussion we chose to go with Nikko’s concept mental illness(fight club), For next class we are supposed to come up with at least five sketches for our exhibition.

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