M&P(Installation): Process 1

I wasn’t sure how to start deconstructing so before I choose a story I went to research how to deconstruct one. These helped me the most to understand the concept:

But then I didn’t really follow everything since we were supposed to choose aspects or find interesting concepts within the content of the story. I chose a book titled ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. I started with the physical deconstruction of the book so I was looking at the book cover and the image they chose to represent the story and started to connect the cover image with the content of the story, kind of remembering aspects of the story through the cover and remembering personality of the main characters and some of the main events and extracting concepts from that,  I don’t know if I was doing this right but thats how I managed to come up with ideas and remember what the story was about.

Book deconstruction:




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