Type(Sentence): Reflection

At the beginning I had no idea of what to do, putting the sentence on the paper was exactly what I did, I had no ‘informed decisions’ of what I want the sentence to look like on the page, I mainly tried to use the space which made me make horrible mistakes, at least that what think when going back to my first batch of experiments and think about why I didn’t really like them.

During my process I kept going back and forth between experimentation and research mainly because I felt that I don’t have a good understanding of what I’m actually doing. Critiques gave me a better understanding of what I should pay attention to, seeing my classmates mistakes and how they went about making their sentences.

Things I learned during critiques and feedback:

  • Design is informed decision.
  • keeping things simple.
  • less is more.
  • activating the space.
  • optical adjustment: how the text looks on the page, coming  up with a system to make the optical adjustments.
  • the idea that type is organic and how we need to make the type look aligned and make it look good on the page.
  • the type needs breathing space.
  • type is O’live…

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