M&P(Signs): Reflection

We were all having this preconceived notion that signs are supposed to be ‘traffic’ signs. For me I didn’t really have this preconceived notion but I didn’t know what to do exactly at the beginning and whenever I ask my classmates they tell me ‘just make traffic signs’ or ‘you know in the end it has to be done on illustrator’ and they got me confused at the beginning.

At the beginning I sketched out my idea by hand while most of my colleges decided to start illustrating their ideas. I feel that they affected me at the beginning but thankfully I didn’t want to start working on illustrator from the start, and started to experimenting with material.

During this whole process I learned how to communicate an idea for specific groups of people/audience. How to make my idea understandable for different audiences. While I was working on global and concrete I realized that I was trying to communicate my idea in a way that broke the language barrier because these particular two signs have a huge audience, so it was something that I tried to make these signs understandable by everyone, even if I didn’t really realize it while working I was working in a pragmatic/persuasive way, realized it when Law said it in class. Abstract signs makes the audience think at a deeper level. Working on binary oppositions made it easier for me to understand local/global, concrete/abstract better because understanding one makes it easier to understand the opposite of it. That’s why it took me longer to understand vernacular.

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