M&P(Signs): Process 6

I emailed Law and Leland during the weekend for feedback since I was attending the workshop and haven’t had the change to get feedback on my work. Law told me that my vernacular wasn’t really working, it wasn’t clear I guess because as I mentioned before I forgot to include the female figures in it, but when I fixed it and brought my refinements into class, I was apparently done.

The biggest problem with my vernacular was that Makkah is always crowded and I guess that’s what Law thought at the beginning, but even though its crowded it doesn’t mean that its acceptable to be so close to people there, especially between men and women it is still unacceptable, changing the context doesn’t change the rule.

I chose to change certain things slightly like my local sign, I added different skin tones because even here people have a variety of skin tones, they are not necessarily the same color so I decided to make that change.

The last change I wanted to make was to photograph my concrete again, to get a better image.


inappropriate, UNACCEPTABALE…
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