Type(Sentence): Process 5

Color experiments, I hate colors but since I had to do it; here are my five trials with one composition…


My A3 and A4 refinements:


This was my refined A4, while I was doing this I was thinking if I should use kashida on the word البالون to emphasize that the balloon is ‘shoving’ the noodles since my sentence has this meaning, but if I wanted to use kashida I want it to be long and pushing the word بحنان (tenderly) off, and align على with قريبا .  But i thought that it would be so much kashida so I didn’t do it.

In class Law and Leland suggested the same things I was afraid to do, since they said it’s okay I went and made the changes.


Things I changed:

  • I used kashida making sure that it’s long enough to align the words على and قريبا.
  • I didn’t align the second part of the sentence with the first one properly although the boxes were aligned.
  • The second line looked like it was aligned but I had to move the word الجريء slightly to the left to make it look like it’s perfectly aligned, “optical illusions”.
  • The last thing was to make the last part of the sentence the same size, because at this point and with all the little changes I made, it looked better that way.
I realized that I made the scale all the same here by mistake so I’ll have to reprint this. I wanted البالون to be bigger than the rest,because it’s ‘the defiant balloon’ and it translates in arabic as being bold.













Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 9.41.20 PM.png
Final change.
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 9.20.41 AM.png
I chose to color ‘Defiant”الجريء’ with grey instead of ‘tenderly”بحنان’ because I felt that I was stating the obvious when I chose a soft, faint color for the word. I wanted to juxtapose the word with the color so I made ‘defiant’ a faint grey color because when something/someone is bold or defiant they will wear or like bolder colors. 
Final refined A3

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