Type(Sentence): Process 4

I learned in class that for our sentence; we should use the language opposite to what we used for the word, and since I used a Latin word I should use the arabic sentence. I wasn’t really looking forward to work with the arabic sentence, because as I mentioned before I wasn’t finding it easy to make interesting compositions with it. Plus, I was kind of focused on one idea or method of working and I was finding it hard to break out of it.

I was focused on using the page from right to left. Mostly used the top part of the page.
Here I tried to break the sentence in different compositions since I found myself breaking it in the same way a lot. I tried to use the page differently that what I used to do in the last batch. I like how I composed the sentence and the use of the page in the last one,

So when I was working with the arabic sentence only, I tried to use the white space of the paper more since I noticed that I was making my sentence a bit large to fill the paper somehow, but after critique I learned that it can be more interesting to have a lot of white space and had my sentence composed in a thoughtful and intentional ways.

For my “more refined” sentences I tried to have some kind of intention,emphasis,and I wanted to make informed decisions but I don’t really know if I’m doing this right.

I chose this one to refine but ended up with something completely different…
I tried to have some sort of intension in this, I made sure that the text had space to breath and made sure the space between the text and edge of page was equal(in both parts of the sentence). I also aligned the two parts of my sentence and tried to use more white space.











I found this from this website(http://freddesign.co.uk/good-typography-an-introduction-to-hierarchy/)  and found it useful…hierarchy-2-410x579


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