M&P(Signs): Process 4

In this critique I was told to use more figures and put the tracing paper on top of the figure instead of under it, since I had one on top and one under just for the sake of experimentation.


We were told to start thinking about concrete/ abstract, local/global and vernacular. At this point I had some kind of idea of how I will make my global/local and a very vague idea of what to do with my abstract, but I had no idea of how to think about the concrete and vernacular at this point.

I ripped the tracing paper to show that I tried using another material but since it didn’t show I decided to scan it to get the texture but it didn’t show either, so at the end I illustrated it. 

In the next critique I was told to have a variety of skin tones to further convey the idea of global. I was also criticized about how the crowd and the figure looked more separated than wanting to have space so I took that into consideration too. For my local I chose to stick with one gender since its not acceptable here for males and females to be so close to  each other, and its not acceptable in religion for men and women to touch. For abstract I chose to use circles as people and one slightly further for the one who wants personal space, the only thing is that I made it in a different color so I was told to keep it all the same and that it was enough that one circle/person was further for abstract.

Another thing Leland mentioned was the perspective, I was making my figures all the same size where in reality if the person was right in front of you they will appear bigger and the people behind will appear slightly smaller.

The last thing was that the transparent paper wasn’t showing properly on white paper so I chose to use grey paper for my refinements.

I made sure to include pink people too…

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