Type(Sentence): Process 3

We were told to play with sentence orientation and composition . We were told to play with: 1) Size/Scale  2) Bold/italics  3) alignment  4) color 5) angle of text on page. We experimented with A3 and A4 pages, and with one Naskh typeface, one Kufi, one serif and san serif, so two different typefaces for arabic and english.

We were told to keep in mind these things too:

  1.  Margins: keep breathing space for the type.
  2. Dead centre is good for artworks but it’s stultifying and boring for type + it doesn’t look good any way because the text is usually bottom heavy so it will always look like it’s lower than the center.
  3. Odd numbers are better than even numbers because it creates tension and contrast.

While I was doing these I felt like I was repeating myself a lot, I didn’t really get what I was supposed to do and I was still confused about how I should do this task. Sometimes I feel that I’m making a terrible mistake with how I choose to put the sentence on the page but then I tell myself that I have to get 40 of these done and its okay to make mistakes now at least some of them will turn out good, and I can improve on them.


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