M&P(Signs): Process 3

The class was confused on how to make the signs and almost all of them opted to create their sketches as illustrations, personally I decided to draw them first and then I used adobe capture to scan them and put them on illustrator just because I drew my sketches small and I wanted to scale them up.

On the next critique I tried to come up with different directions and experiment with material to create my sign. At first I didn’t know what materials to use for my signs so I searched the internet for inspiration and I found this.


One of my ideas was to use a circle of tracing paper to represent the circle or bubble of personal space, since it’s something not physical it was hard to come up with an idea that uses a reasonable material for what I want to say, but I’ll see if it’s working or not.

Since I wanted to make sure that my ideas was valid I searched the web to make sure that this idea is reasonable.

And based on what I found on the web, personal space is like a bubble around the person so I settled on this idea, and decided to make my signs out of paper cutouts and see how it will turn out. The reason I chose to use paper cutouts is because I wanted to have a consistent theme in my signs since my main idea was using trying paper it made sense to continue with this theme.


The second time I did this I wanted to experiment with fabric to make the figures clothes I liked the texture and how it looked but the problem was that they will not show properly under the tracing paper, maybe I should use transparent plastic sheets instead.

picture of fabric experiment

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