Type(Sentence Project): Process 2

We were told to print out 25 arabic and 25 latin to get a sense of how to layout a sentence, making these was a tedious job, I know that making the prints and seeing the sentences in different fonts, sizes, characters and tracking was very important for me to see how different tracking changed how the sentence reads, less tracking makes the sentence look busy and difficult to read, more makes us read it slower since there’s more spaces between the words. I chose 55 for the characters since it broke the sentence perfectly, it made more sense when reading. while I was making these I chose tracking of -50, although I was debating whether to choose zero¬†tracking or -50, I should’ve chose zero because we talked in critique about how it’s better to leave tracking at zero unless the typeface needed some kerning or tracking.

As for arabic I noticed that tracking looked awful when changed, especially when tracked too close so I kept that at zero. There wasn’t much to experiment with the arabic sentence since arabic don’t use italics, and most of the time there is no bold option in some typefaces.


As I was making these I had a hard time with the character part, I didn’t know how to break the sentence if it stops in the middle of a word, I know Law had mentioned it in class but I forgot what he said exactly which made it harder for me, the first time I definitely did it wrong, I didn’t go to the end of the word and break the sentence there every time because sometimes I stop at the first two letters for example and I go back to the end of the previous word and break the sentence there. This ended up in breaking my sentence in a weird way, non of the character options broke my sentence correctly so I asked my friends how they did it because I knew I was doing something wrong but couldn’t figure out what it is, when they told my how to count the characters correctly it made sense that my sentence wasn’t breaking in a meaningful way, so I had to count all over again and correct all the pages I did so far…


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