M&P(Signs): Process 2

I was trying to convey the idea of people being tightly close together in music festivals and not giving much space between each other, and what could that result into when dancing and accidentally push someone, how people carelessly step on others sometimes. So I wanted to make a sign that tells people to give each other space and keep a decent distance between each other.

My very first sketches:

My first sketches


We were put in groups again to discuss which of our signs were working better and those two sketches were my strongest two ideas, which I decided to combine because it’s more understandable this way, my group understood the first one as keeping distance or personal space which was perfect and the top one they thought something along the lines of crowded and when I explained my idea it made more sense for them. I asked if I should combine the two to make my idea more clear and they agreed so I tried it below.


Here I tried to come up with different variations of my idea…



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