Type(Sentence Project): Process 1

We were asked to pick 8 words, these were mine:


At first I had a hard time trying to make a sentence with all my words, in my attempts below I make a sentence that somewhat made sense at least grammatically but the first sentence was a fail and I realized that I forgot to use one word.

I think the challenging thing about my words is that I have the words ‘soon’ and ‘already’, these two words indicate two different timings and I found it a bit confusing to use them in the same sentence. How could something be already done but at the same time will be done soon, it confused me so much thats why my first few attempts were not very good.

I noticed that I was fixed on one idea and was using the words in the same way so I took a small break to refresh my mind and when I came back I came up with a sentence that I liked, it was funny.


Its even funnier in arabic, translating my sentence to arabic wasn’t as challenging as creating the actual sentence, but I had to translate some words to find a better synonym in arabic and to make sure that the word I’m using has the exact meaning I want for my sentence because arabic words can have similar meanings but each word is used in a different context, or something like that I don’t know how to explain it in english. I just tried to use the right words for my sentence ….

here for example, I actually didn’t know what defiant meant in arabic so I translated it, but then the translation was not that clear even in arabic, so I used the first synonym which was a word that’s better known than what the translation suggested.

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