M&P(Signs): Process 1

Our first homework in this project was to collect signs, I searched my phone images and found some that I took when I was traveling, and collected the rest from around EC and the streets.


We were told to do some research on the kind of signs we wanted to eventually make. In class we brainstormed some possible topics, activities, places and most importantly audiences that we are making our signs for.

We had to pick three audiences and find out three kind of activities they do that we can use to make our signs.

This is the information I found and brainstormed:


After a discussion in my group I made the strongest ideas I had in red to further research the topic and consider how I’ll make my sign.

I liked the first idea better because I thought about it and researched it more than the others and I think it’s a topic that I can work with since I don’t like people touching me and being so close to me… unless they were my friends.

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