Type(Word Project): Process 8

Printing day was a complete disaster, I went to test print and it printed a bit blurry. I had a heart attack since I won’t be able to print tomorrow even if I was able to shoot again in the morning. I tried to find a better photo from the million shots that I took, I mean it’s impossible not finding at least one good photo.

While I was searching for a better image Ibrahim spread a rumor that the printer broke down, and it was my second heart attack of the day. After I recovered from the heart attack, I decided to ignore this for the time being and focus on finding an image for now.

After hours of searching,not really but it felt like it I found a good one and went to print it since Ibrahim was apparently mocking us and didn’t want to see our faces all day. This time I went and printed the A2 size and got struck by my third heart attack in one day, the colors were EXTREMELY DARK, and pale the printer destroyed the colors completely. So I had to destroy I mean adjust the colors in photoshop so it will print decent colors. I made the image EXTRA light and took out the blue hue slightly because my marshmallows turned blue without adjusting. It turned out fine in the end but the only thing I wish I also did is increase the contrast, but then I already printed twice and I’m not giving Ibrahim more money in exchange for more heart attacks.

Picture of original / edited / picture of printed.

I’m planning to reshoot my word with another camera because I’m not fully satisfied with the quality that my camera has, I honestly don’t know whats wrong with it no matter how many times I make sure its focused the image ends up having a little bit of blurriness that drives me crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong, is it the lens? am I that bad at photographing? or am I blind for not seeing this until the day before the deadline????? I’m guessing its because my camera is a bit old I’ll borrow Sara’s camera, she bought a new one recently and it looks like her camera is behaving well.

It was a very stressful day and I’m not looking forward for class tomorrow.


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