Type(Word Project): Process 7

My photography process:

Initially, I didn’t have any specific place that I want to photograph my word in. First I was thinking of placing my word on the dining table were we eat breakfast but I didn’t like the table cloth that my mom put there (it was bright orange, I hate orange and any bright color), I removed the table cloth and photographed it but the table and the letter were similar in color there was no contrast between the background and the letters so I went back to my room feeling down because I wanted to take some photos before I go to uni and I’m out of ideas, I can’t think of another place right now. The only thing I knew was that I wanted my context or narrative to show the process of making the rice krispies somehow. But then I realized that I was limiting myself and making things harder for me, when I looked at my window and how good the lighting was in that spot, I wondered why wouldn’t I take the photo there on the floor, it doesn’t have to be on a table or counter top. So I took my photos there.

I took test photos with the granola letter that was broken and realized that my other letters weren’t going to be good in that table because there is no contrast.

Then I tested the rice krispies letter on my bedroom floor in front of the window and it was BEAUTIFUL. I mean look at it … I had so many happy accidents in this project :”)



Images I brought for critique:

I brought these two images of my word for critique. Personally I liked the one with the tray better, so it was the one I tiled and I printed the other one on A3. At that time I was still not done with my word I had one letter left to carve out but I took photographs to get feedback.

In the critique and once again the professors gave me two different opinions of what they liked about my photos. It was frustrating, because I like the word with the tray better. Some other people gave me some suggestions like throwing the marshmallows on the top corner rather than putting everything in the bottom.


After the critique for those photos:

As per usual Leland liked the one with the tray and Law liked the other one, and I’m left once again in confusion. Why do you do this to me??

The problem was with the kerning of the letters. The tray disturbed the space between the ‘e’ and ‘r’ there was a bigger gap between them than the other letters. Although I understand that, I still think the tray actually works nicely with my concept, it serves the purpose of rice krispies ‘in the making’ which is what I’m trying to achieve in this poster. I’ll try to make it work.

I went to talk to Leland and he gave me some suggestions. Since I still didn’t carve my last letter we were talking about how to make the most of this opportunity and photograph multiple photos of the word that you can see below:

New Photos:

I only pushed the outline of the letter without taking it out. But it wasn’t showing properly, I guessed that it won’t show but I had to try it to see for myself.
I took pieces partly from the letter and took the encounter out completely, I’m still not sure about this one since the outline of the other side of the ‘e’ is not really showing, although it makes me imagine the rest of the letter.
Took the letter out completely leaving the cut out pieces in, I didn’t really know how to place the cut outs so I tried two ways.
Second way… someone suggested that I put the tools I used to carve the letters out so I did try that but forgot to take photos without them. Actually I forgot that they were there after the second photo…
Without tray. Mehh…
Umm meehhhh……

Oh I don’t think I mentioned why I didn’t push the counter of the ‘a’. Well at first I forgot… but then Law liked how it looked and when I thought about it, it looked pretty like that and when I remembered how the other ‘a’ looked like(horrible) I figured that its a better idea to leave it, it gives the sense that I left it for last and I’ll come to it later to finish it after I’m done with the rest of the letters, which ties to my concept in a way that “I’m still working on it”, “still making it”.




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