Type(Word Project): Process 6


My original plan with the cereal was not really working because I was sticking cereal on paper, it looked good but I wasn’t making the letters out of my material and it was flat which was something that I didn’t like and ignored due to the fact that I didn’t know what else to do. Then I remembered that I mentioned in my blog that I would try rice krispies treats and it was a thought that crossed my mind when I was writing my process at that moment but I’m glad I wrote it down so I went and tried it. I think it works with my concept too because its a snack that people eat when they are hungry.

I brought the two things I experimented with in class and everyone agreed that the rice krispies was a better idea. I liked it too because I can actually carve the letters from the material that I made rather than sticking the material on paper, its more three dimensional which is what I was trying to do all this time.


This is some kind of material that Law liked and I didn’t know what to do with it but experimented with nonetheless. I actually didn’t have enough of it to make my word. It was just a random thing I found in our storage room.

Stencils I made to make it easier to cut the letters:

I chose to use paper and this plastic sheet to make it easier for me to cut since it harder than the paper and won’t be cut easily with the knife when I’m being careful, if I used the plastic sheet alone its hard to see where to cut exactly but when I put the white paper underneath its easier to see the outline.


My method of working with the material:

I made the rice krispies a bit more sticky because I wanted them to be hard and hold the shape of the letter when I cut it out, I don’t want it to crumble when cutting it. When I tried to make the letter with granola it broke down easily, it didn’t hold the shape very well and I don’t want to keep making new ones because I was already running out of time.

So yeah, I added way more marshmallows than I needed hoping it will make it harder when it sets. I didn’t follow a recipe, I eye balled the amount of ingredients and I’m thankful that it turned out as I wanted. Its not as delicious as it looks, you’ll probably break a tooth if you bite into it, that’s why I was hesitant when Law suggested to bite one of the letters. Anyway, I had to work quickly due to the fact that I added a lot of marshmallows the mixture started to set relatively quickly.

Usually I waited for about 15 to 20 minutes for the rice krispies to set and then started cutting. I tried to cut them while they are not fully set but it was a waste of time because I had to cut again and I prefer cutting it once. It was annoying.

It was quite hard to cut but surprisingly it didn’t take much time. The only thing is that I have to wait for it to cool down and harden but cutting the letters didn’t take as long as I thought.

Behind the scene, very messy.

This spot was the cleanest area of my room and now its the messiest area.



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