Type(Word Project): Process 5

So I took it out of the mold and it was okay but I didn’t like the results when I compared it with the letter that I traced it was a bit off and I wasn’t looking forward to making more molds, plus it’s hard to stay true to the form of the letter when making molds. I think carving the letters is a better idea.


So I went with my original idea and made my letters with different kinds of cereal on paper.

img_2478  img_2482



I crushed some of the cereal to put it as a first layer, so when I put the actual piece the white paper won’t show. It was hard to arrange small pieces next to each other with the glue still wet because it will make the first piece move and its frustrating especially when I’m working on the serifs and curves of the letters.

I like the results with this method more because its much more accurate although it’s time consuming.



I made a huge mess all over my desk, its messy all the time but I try to control the mess, it went out of control here.






I was basically struggling with this method because the glue wasn’t setting quickly but I would rather struggle with this method than with making molds I think its clear how much I hate molds by now… such a bad experience…




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