Design Tech: Transforming digital drawings into physical spaces. (Part2)

We went to see how we’re going to paint our design on our wall. One major problem we faced was that we were all short and couldn’t reach the top of the wall even when we stand on a mini ladder or a chair. The second problem, there was only one projector  and another group already stole it.

So we decided to see the measurements on the laptop and draw it by pencil on the wall. The process took a long time but we wanted to get the basic outline of the design done and we did. (The top part was super hard) we left it for the next class when we get the projector.


The next class we went to IT and borrowed a projector, and we started taping our design away. I hate taping and Gajin hated painting so we came to the agreement that she will be responsible for taping and I will paint. Oh and we made Sarah tape the top part, we tried to do our best with the top part by ourselves but yeah we had to ask Sarah to help us at the end.




Seeing our design coming together was so satisfying, but the most satisfying part of all of this was peeling the tape and seeing those crisp lines ugh so satisfying!!

We had to do some cleaning up with the white paint but that was also satisfying for me making the lines even more clean and crisp.


and once you see the chicken you can’t un-see it… that was a funny accident in our design.


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