Type(Word Project): Process 4

I went to cereal heaven aka Mega Mart, and spent way to much money on cereal and granola… I hope its worth it at the end.


At home I traced the letters using my laptop as a light box again and cut a letter out of cardboard to make a mold for my granola letter which I’m planning to put in a bowl of milk, now that I’m thinking about it I don’t know if people actually eat granola like this, I hate granola and I don’t know how to eat it but I’m going with this idea. or maybe I should make rice krispies with marshmallow treats instead of the granola and put that in the bowl. I don’t know I’ll try it and see what happens.

I made a mold and it drove me crazy and I’m not doing it again ever. I also made granola, I was suppose to follow a recipe but I winged it not caring about the amount of each ingredient. Surprisingly it turned out good and I put it in the mold that drove me crazy…

I’m not sure whether it will keep the form of the letter with this crappy mold, but I’ll see when it dries and take it out of the mold.


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