Type(Word Project): Process 3

After we were asked to print the words in the 10 fonts, we went to the Saffron Hall and chose our favorite two words one Latin and one Arabic and lay them on the ground. we went around and started discussing the differences between each typeface within the same word and how one letter is designed differently in each one, we also discussed the similarities between them and how beautiful the ligature in austere is. I liked how the’م’ and ‘ج’ is stacked it looks beautiful I wish there was more typefaces that have stacking letters.

After observing the words closely, we went upstairs to observe how the words are viewed from a distant and off screen. Seeing type off screen makes us see little errors in the word whether it was the actual form of the letter or the kerning of the word, we were able to identify those things because we were seeing the words from a distance just like seeing the overall image of something. I noticed that arabic typefaces have a lot of variety of letter forms that latin.


Then we went back to class and we were asked to write some comments about the typefaces of the word we are planing to chose. I started by choosing similar typefaces and comparing them, how they differ from each other, how some letters are slightly different, how the curves of the letters differ ever so slightly, the distance between the letters also has a slight difference. I was looking closely and noticing slight differences. I was planning on choosing the word ‘مزخرف’ but changed my mind. In this typeface the line weight was pretty consistent, but base line of the bottom one was straight while the top one has a slight curve. The ‘م’ is rounder in one typeface unlike the other ones which look similar.


Instead I chose ‘austere’, I did a mini research on the words ‘austere’,’ornate’,’مزخرف’,’خاوي’ and came up with an idea that I wanted to work on which is using cereal as my material since the word austere has a definition in arabic that means hungry and I thought people are most hungry when they wake up so I decided to use cereal, also it’s a very simple breakfast so it fits for my idea and words.

Here I traced the letters using my laptop as a light box.


Then I started to experiment with material.I tried to use this kind of cereal but noticed it won’t fit to the letter form. Plus, it will have a lot of empty spaces.


Here I tried to use a smaller kind of cereal but I decided to crush it and use that as a base and then build up on it without crushing the cereal.


An ant was caught up in this mess and I saved its life. (no ants were harmed in the process of experimenting).


I left some spaces with the crushed cereal showing because I thought it looked interesting.


I used another kind of cereal here and it was a little bit big for the size I chose the letter to be so it was hard to make it look perfect.


As for the typeface I chose ‘Fedra serif B’ at first but then I changed my mind and chose ‘ITC Garamond’ in bold so it’s easier for me to work with my material.

Here I was still undecided about the typeface and kept comparing between the two, making the typefaces bold to see which one I liked better aesthetically and at the same time which one will be easier for me to work with when I’m working with my material so I chose ITC Garamond in the end. I liked the curves of it more.

Here I was trying to kern my word, I didn’t do much kerning because the word was about evenly spaced between the letters and I only did minor kerning, reversing the colors of the word and background helped me somehow, it made me see the volume between each letter better and helped me match the spaces and make them equal. It was my first attempt so I don’t know how good or bad of a job I did.


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