M&P(Object Poster): Process 8

In class we did something a little different from last time, the one who was going to talk will go to their poster and point out something that they think is still not working or think that there is something wrong with but don’t know what to do about it, so the class will give feedback based on what the person ask.

Since I talked last class I couldn’t get feedback until the end of class. I didn’t know what more to do for my poster or what to ask other than ask if the text size was good because I thought that it’s a bit small, so I asked Law and Leland about that and if I should change anything, Law told me that he couldn’t identify the white brain, which gave me a heart attack because I already talked to Leland about it and he saw it as a brain, this situation made me confused and contemplate whether I should change it at the last minute and think about another image to convey my message. I couldn’t make my mind so I went to ask Leland and he told me that it’s okay to have two different opinions from two professors and now I’m the one who should decide to keep it or not, so I kept it, it was the only thing that I wouldn’t change about my poster along with the little boy and the background, the little boy looks so cute with those googly eyes >.<

Someone also mentioned that I should make the butterflies look like they are at different stages of flying so I tried to do that.


I wasn’t sure about how it looks because some people said it looked stretched and some were fine with it and figured what I was intending to do with the wings and told me that it looks like the wings were flapping. For me I actually got confused and I couldn’t decide whether it’s a good idea to change it in the first place.

My Final Poster:





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