M&P(Object Poster): Process 7

I made the changes suggested to me, which was changing the background due to it being too white but keeping the brain part because I used this image as a background because of it. To be honest the white background gave me a great foundation on how to compose the object in the poster since I was considering the girl’s silhouette when I made this, I’m glad it worked to my benefit.

The other thing was to find a hook but in this case I think that changing the background solved it somehow. So I went on to print which was nerve recking, the printers in the printing room have a mind of their own they just decide to breakdown when we need to print. I went down stairs to the foundation department to print there which took less than ten minutes and I wasted my time waiting for I don’t know many hours for one printer to print… oh yeah I had to tile it too… I didn’t cut my finger though…

In class everyone had to critique every single poster and we are not allowed to repeat what others already said, the class was so long and I didn’t really benefit from anyones critique due to them feeling pressure to say something that no one said. Here are some of the critiques I got from people in class:

  1. someone didn’t like the shape of the bombs and butterfly????
  2. orphan word in my sentence.
  3. add shadows.
  4. too much silhouettes.
  5. more contrast in the pinecone image.
  6. change the placement of text.
  7. digital craft (cropping of the image).
  8. use the burn tool on the pinecone.
  9. clarify what is the green thing.(It’s seaweed)
  10. make the text bigger.
  11. make my word (Keepsake) bigger.
  12. rearrange the bombs, butterflies and leaves and make them one line.
  13. swimming man should be opaque.

Some of these suggestions I already noticed before we started class and had already made notes on them. I feel that I didn’t get a good feedback because my classmates were stating obvious things and only a few pointed out things I didn’t notice.

So I went to get feedback from Leland and he helped me focus on what I really need to change in my poster, he suggested to add more space between the letters of ‘keepsake’ which he helped me with, along with the placement of the sentence and showed me how to add contrast and shadow to my pinecone image and then I went on making the other changes that he suggested which were:

  1. change the colors of the binoculars.
  2. make the butterflies and leaves one line.
  3. the swimming guy should be white or grey.
  4. lower the bombs little.

Here is the poster after I made those changes:


I feel that my poster is a lot better now but I’m sure there are still things that I need to work on, I don’t see them now after I already made changes so I’ll just wait until next class to get more suggestions and hopefully I get good feedback.

The printers acted normal for once when I wanted to print this time, the only thing left is tiling the poster.

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