Imaging 1: Here and There 2

We were asked to narrow down out interests and focus on one or two things from what we found interesting in our research. I was mostly fascinated by all the festivals they hold in India, so I chose to focus on those and eventually chose one festival that I liked the most which is the festival of colors ‘Holi’. In class we were told the next step which is to think about how to turn the thing we are interested in into a product and how it will take form.

I came to class without any ideas, well not really its just that I didn’t know how think about it and I was thinking about making a notebook cover just because I love notebooks with cute covers and I wanted to make one, but then I had no idea on how to actually make it or if I wanted to illustrate it, I had no image in my mind.

We got to meet with the professors in groups to discuss our ideas and throw my discussion with the professors I finally knew what to do and I liked the idea we came up with. The professor suggested for me to make a folding card that has a step by step on how celebrate Holi, with simple illustrations. Now I have to figure out how I will actually make it and decide how it will look like.

This is what I started doing in class:

I sketched roughly how I want each card to look like from the discussion I had with my group and professors. I was indecisive about whether to include another part of the guide card which will be about the holi eve, because I read that they have some rituals that they do the day before in order to celebrate. I decided that I will make the guide card for the main event of the festival first.


This is the final refinement of my research, I focused on one thing which is the Holi festival (festival of colors).


The ideas we came up with during discussion.


One thing I was confused about is whether I should make my cards connected from the beginning or should I start with designing individual cards and combining them later.


I’m still still undecided about the typeface that I’m going to use but I’m thinking of using a sans-serif font right now.



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