Type(Word Project): Process 2

In class we were told to choose our favorite 5 pairs of words and their opposites in the other language, and print them on A3 paper with the ten different typefaces we were given. We spent the class time choosing the words and writing some ideas and the reason for choosing the words. I chose these pairs:

  • saccharine   مرارة
  • miserable   حيوية
  • repulsive   جميل
  • chaotic    ترتيب
  • austere    مزخرف

When I first start choosing I didn’t have a specific reason to choose a certain word, but if I like how the word looked or the meaning of the word I will choose it. So I went and scrolled down the arabic definitions I found and read through them and then decided to choose the words based on two things, the first things, if the word had a lot of different meanings so it can help me with different ideas and experimentation with different materials. The second thing, is simply if I liked how the word looked as I already said.


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