Type(Word Project): Process 1

We were given a set of binary opposite words in arabic and latin and we had to find definitions for them to get a full understanding of the word and finding synonyms, antonyms, poetry and quotes was a good way to give me a better understanding of the words.

While I was searching for Latin words I found out that I don’t know some of the words, maybe it’s because nobody actually uses them in everyday conversations, for those that I don’t understand or don’t really understand how to use in a sentence I had to translate them into arabic to get a better understanding of them, although the opposite pairs are already translated in the project sheet, but even those words are not usually used for everyday conversations but for them being in arabic it made them much easier to understand since arabic has a lot of synonyms that made me understand the latin word in many other perspectives.

In arabic finding definitions and understanding them was a lot easier for me since it’s my first language. It was a lot easier because in arabic one word can have a lot of meanings which I thought will help me with coming up with ideas later on.


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