M&P(Object Poster): Process 6

I started working on my plan for the weekend, I finally made the few pieces that I was missing, I went about it like this, I wrote down the things I have and have already done then I went back and found some of the keywords that I had an idea for but never had the chance to make. I managed to list 12 things that I’m going to put in my poster that I think is most effective in conveying my message. I separated the things that I already done and focused on the things that needed to be made and started finally making.

I tried to consider having a variety of media or outcomes for my images like having some that are drawn, illustrated, photographs and handmade to make my poster visually interesting, keeping in mind the meaning of the image with the material I used.

When I was done with the crisis of having less than 10 objects I went to university on Saturday to scan everything again the way Law taught us in class because I needed some images to be bigger than their actual size for when we get to put it on the A1 poster, I also wanted to photograph my object because I don’t have proper lighting at home. When I got home I worked on my poster. So that is how my weekend went :)) no family time, there is no such thing as meeting with friends, nothing but work :””))

Here is how my poster improved from last time:

These are my three posters that I had feedback on by my classmates and I decided to further improve the first one because I had a lot of feedback on this particular one and it seems to be working better that the other two, plus any feedback I got for the other two seemed to apply to the first one too.



Here I tried to put more images and rearrange them in the poster but this arrangement and composite was a complete disaster, but it’s better to get rid of the bad ideas than keep them.



Here I used an image as the background, which meant memories or depth of memories and put the swimming man in the brain to create the idea of swimming in old memories. The thing is that the image wasn’t that clear but I went with it nevertheless and created the whole poster based on that image of the little girl with layers of brain!? Is that even a word “layers of brain”? I don’t know!!


I was low-key struggling with the word and quote that I have to include in my poster. In the first sketches I tried using some words with my posters but it turned out to be repetitive because I didn’t really thought about it and I ended up just putting and image and a word that represented it.

In this poster I used a different word that was one of my keywords and a quote from one of the writings that my classmates wrote about my object I wasn’t really sure about it but put it in for now.

This poster gave me anxiety because it didn’t want to print, it was taking a very long time to print and I kept checking on the printer every now and then but it didn’t print. Class started and I was dying from the inside, I wanted my poster to be critiqued in class :””(In the break I went down to the library because I had some hope in the library printers, the one time I go to the library to print ALL the printers in library broke down and every other printer in the whole university, how lucky am I ?? When class ended I went to the printer room with heavy steps and found that the my poster printed, I had no words for the evil printer I just took my poster and went back to the classroom and got feedback from Law, when everyone else has already left…

I hate how printers smell fear….

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