M&P(Object Poster): Process 5

In class we got in groups of three to discuss what we have come up with during Eid break. In my group we asked each other whether the images that each of us made were working to be icon, symbol and index. We went in turns and each person presented their work and the other two people will guess what that thing represent and whether it fit to be an icon,symbol or index and if not we will suggest some ideas for the person to try. Sometimes when the person explained the relation of the image they present to their object it doesn’t make sense and we will give her advice on how to remake the image to make it relate better to the object or in other cases combine two images to make an image that says what the person wants to represent. By doing this we helped each other narrow down our images to 10-12 images that is working.

Here are some images I shared with my group:

When we were done with the group work I found out that I had less than 10 images, I had around 7 images and now I had to improve on three more so I can get started with my poster sketches.

When I was working on my poster sketches I found out that most of the images I chose worked better as background, and only a few things were good to put in the foreground, I was frustrated because I didn’t pay attention to that. But I tried to do different things for each of my sketches with what I already had for now.

The next class we also got in groups to give each other feedback. When I was doing my posters I didn’t have a concept of what I wanted to do, so people in my group helped my figure out a possible concept that I could consider, they gave me some helpful advice of how I could improve each of my posters. I found their opinions really helpful.

Some of the suggestions they gave me:

  • Using some geometric shapes.
  • Separate the background from form the foreground to create some depth.
  • Use a drawing of a mountain and a photograph of a water drop( which was the opposite of what I did)
  • Change the words I’m using and choose words that makes the audience think.
  • Use images that juxtapose.
  • Don’t put all the puzzle pieces together.
  • Use handwritten words.

I will be considering these suggestion when working on my poster.

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