M&P(Object Poster): Process 3

The struggle of starting will never end for me. I’m blaming it on Eid break. I didn’t get to celebrate Eid because I’m working, it’s sad I know..

This time I don’t know where to start, we started converging, we are supposed to refine what we did up to this point, I thank Professor Law for giving me a starting point and suggesting what to do with the seaweed that I tried to use for another word, it’s really disgusting and gross which is perfect since one of my keywords is gross, it smells so bad.

img_2227 fullsizerender-5

I laid everything I made on the floor and stared at what I have, trying to link some words with some materials and techniques I used, but noting was coming to my mind I still have no idea, honestly I was in vacation mode and my mind refused to come up with anything. Eventually, I went to test out what the professor suggested. I put some seaweed in a ziplock bag and added some water and left it for a bit. After a few minutes it looked muddy and had a slimy and gooey kind of consistency. It was definitely gross (which was my keyword) and smelled horrible. It turned out good, but the seaweed I had was roasted seaweed paper and when it was soaked in water it turned into small flakes in water, which wasn’t what I had in mind, it wasn’t what I imagined. So I went to the supermarket and got the dried leafy ones and soaked them in water, and turned out perfect. I found that so satisfying for some reason. Then I decided to combine the two to see how gross this can get…





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