Type1: 50/50 Process 3

I had a better sense of what to do this time, because we were taught about the three rules: the 50/50 ratio, aesthetic and identification of the letter. So I began designing the squares with those things in mind.

It was hard to consider all three things at first but by doing this repeatedly it got easier.

I went back to me designs to see which ones were working and try to refine them.

Some of them didn’t work and some were working or kind of working like this one here:



Here I tried using different typefaces of the letter ‘i’ to see which one was fulfilling the 50/50 ratio.

artboard-18-100  artboard-24-100


I was experimenting with different typefaces and fonts as well as different letter combinations like the ‘g’,’س’ and the ‘g’,’ى’.

artboard-19-100  artboard-20-100

I was testing which arabic letter looked better with the g. I tried scaling the letter and showing the parts that helped identify the letter.


Here is another example of trying different typefaces and letters:

artboard-23-100  artboard-54-100


Through the experimentation with letters I found that the latin/latin letters and arabic/latin to be the easiest to make because the latin letters fill the square and I could make it bold most of the time, unlike the arabic/arabic, which was the hardest to make due to the fact that arabic letters don’t fill the square.



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