Type1: 50/50 Process 4

I refined the designs that I thought was working and had to do more to replace the ones that were not. Up to this point I was kind of avoiding working with arabic/arabic letters, I found them so hard to match with each other and at this point of the project I knew what we were supposed to do and it just was not happening with the arabic letters, the letters don’t fill the square effectively, the letters need to be scaled up way too much which makes them lose their quality and the identification.

With letters that had dots it was even harder as I had to show the dots for the sake of identification of the letter, but the dots were often placed way to high and it was nearly impossible to show.

But I kept trying out letters until I got some good ones, also my friends’ point of view helped me a lot with this problem as they were letting me know if the ratio is a little of or if the letter is hard to identify.

The latin/latin and arabic/latin were easy to combine and create interesting shapes with.

here is what I came up with as I kept refining my designs and making little changes.




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