Type1 : 50/50 Process2

After the first critique I started over with the new assigned typefaces because we don’t have most of the ones that were mentioned on the project description paper. So it was a fresh new start with new typefaces.

One thing that most of the class got wrong was last time was putting two black letters on top of each other, which was what I did too. So after we were told that we should have two letters one white and one black that have a 50/50 ratio, I started working toward achieving that. This time I was considering the shape of the letter and seeing the letter as a shape made things a bit easier for me.

Seeing inspiration from the web helped too.

Here is some of my work this far:

50 sketches

After we got feedback on the second critique I felt a bit confident about some of my work because the professors pointed out some of my work and said it was getting closer to what they’re trying to teach us. This made me feel somehow at ease knowing that I’m headed towards the right path, although I wasn’t really knowing what to do exactly.

During critique we figured out that we need three things to consider while making the designs of the letter, which were the 50/50 ratio, aesthetic and identification of the letter.



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