Methods and Process: Object Poster Project

At the start of this project, I already had in mind what my object will be and I thought that it will be easy for me because it had a lot of meaning for me, finding keywords from my own writing was easy.

The easiest part was finding keywords for the ‘you’ part of the chart because we had other people write about our object to see what does this object means to them, seeing my object from other’s perspective, and then find common words from their writings and use them as keywords. As we continued filling the first column I was having a hard time coming up with keywords for the ‘us’ and ‘them’ part because my object was a pinecone and I didn’t know how other people felt about pinecones, so I asked my friends and some family members and I figured out the ‘us’ column with their help. Now I’m left with the last and hardest part for me, which was the keywords for the ‘them’, I didn’t know anybody who hates or have anything against pinecones, pinecones are just.. pinecones. A lot of people on the internet do DIYs with them and christmas themed arts and crafts projects and I didn’t find good keywords out of those, or to be specific I wasn’t looking for the kind of words that was mentioned I felt it was boring and repetitive. So it was hard for me to find keywords that I thought are good, I continued searching the internet and at last I found a site with lots of comments from people who have phobia from pinecones and it was the weirdest thing… I don’t see why would anybody be afraid of pinecones it just doesn’t make sense to me. I learned something new that day. At least I found my keywords!!.

After that was the time to explore with different media to represent our words. The first time I did this was the hardest, it was hard to visualise words and make something that is felt into an image. It was hard for me to translate words into visuals or images. When I came to class the next day I found out that most of the class opted for photographs because it was easier than making something by hand, so I wasn’t the only one struggling. But it got a bit easier to come up with ideas the second time, also I started making most of my images by hand and experimented with different media like paint, sandpaper, drawing with colored pencils on black paper and experimented with paper cutouts.  

First critique:  


second critique: more handmade things instead of photos.



My classmates perspective of my object:


The weirdest thing I found out about my object:


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